Last Update : 07 Dec 2022

Message from the Principal

As the Principal of the Tagore Pharmacy College, Kuchaman City, I am pleased to welcome you to our Institute. We strive for excellence in our triad of responsibilities: learning, discovery and engagement. Utilizing educational technology and diverse approaches to teaching, our programs afford students the opportunity to learn fundamental principles and practical applications. Our Pharmacy Practice Laboratories provide an excellent setting for applying classroom experiences in a simulated practice environment. Research conducted by our faculty provides students with the opportunity to learn from faculty contributing to emerging trends in practice and science. Through programs in drug discovery and development, molecular mechanisms of disease, innovative pharmacy practice, and assessment of the impact of practice models on patient outcome, our faculty are engaged in meeting pressing needs in society.

We are excited about the future of the profession of pharmacy, health care and multidisciplinary research and invite you to explore the full range of programs we would be offering from our Institute. We are also very proud to be associated with a world class Health Care Centre of Tagore Pharmacy College at the campus and have a strong interface with the Pharmacy Department within this Institute.

I hope that the parents and guardians will find the Institute highly suitable for the pharmaceutical career of their children. I also hope that the state-of-the-art facilities of the institution could be properly utilized by the students to build up their career.

With sincere best wishes